Devon - Home of Many of Britain’s Rarest Birds

From rugged coastal cliffs and moorland to rolling farmland and muddy estuaries, the South West offers some of the best opportunities to watch birds in the country.

Slapton Sands is a most remarkable stretch of coast with an important nature reserve, Slapton Ley. This unique natural freshwater lake which is the largest natural freshwater lake in the South West has especially interesting flora and fauna, which attracts birdwatchers from all over the world to see some of the rarest birds in Britain. The 1.5 mile lake is within a National Nature Reserve and a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The wetland reed beds and surrounding woods are great for birds such as ducks, grebes, osprey, bittern, warblers, buntings, swans, moorhens, marsh harriers, purple herron  - to name but a few. It is the only place in Britain where the cirl bunting is found. There are 450 types of flowers.